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Greek scientific and technical Translations

Our office has an extensive experience in scientifical and technical translations. We are specialised in translating many different types of operating, user and service manuals for a wide range of equipment and machinery.

Our professional Greek technical translators, have an industry or engineering working experience of several years and are certified with advanced degrees by internationally recognised Institutes and Academies (Michigan, Cambirdge, Goethe, Pushkin) to ensure you the best result in the desired time-schedule. They use up-to-date dictionaries and translation softwares.

The technical fields in which we can offer you our services are:

  • Automotive Industry

  • Telecommunications

  • Machinery/Mechanical Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Aviation

  • Shipping

  • Telecommunications

  • Physics and Science

  • Medical Science

  • Chemical Science

For more information on Greek Technical Translations, please feel free to send the relevant information through email ( or call us on the following mobile number: +30 6934591906, and we will send you as soon as possible our customized quote.



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