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Remuneration of energy building inspector

 You can calculate by yourself in the following form, the minimum or "legal" remuneration of an energy inspector, for issuing the Energy Performance Certificate according to the Greek Presidential Decree 177A / 06.10.2010.


The EPC is issued by state certified energy inspectors, who are registered in the relevant ministerial Registry whose data you can easily find on the following site (

The minimum remuneration of an Energy Inspector for the issue of EPC, has been established in accordance with Presidential Decree 100/2010, depending on the use of the building, as follows:

  • For apartments, 2.0 EUR/sqm (minimum fee 150 EUR)

  • For detached-residences, 1.5 EUR/sqm (minimum fee 200 EUR)

  • For apartment blocks, 1.0 euros/sqm (minimum fee 200 ΕUR)

  • Other uses: for surfaces up to 1,000 sqm, the fee is 2.5 Euros/sqm (minimum 300 EUR), while for surfaces greater than 1,000 sqm, the first 1,000 sqm are charged 2.5 Euros/sqm and the remaining 1.5 euros/sqm.


​However, it should be noted that in the context of the closed professions' release, remuneration of engineers (and energy auditors) are formed freely (after negotiation) and the above constitute the "legal remuneration".

Our technical office is able to provide you with reasonable discounts on legal fees if applicable. The auditing of your property should be done thoroughly and with precision, in order to avoid any future unfamiliar tax and planning implications.

For more information contact us at +306934591906.

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